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Radio Frequency Collagen Boost Treatment

This Collagen boosting treatment combines targeted Radio Frequency (RF), vacuum lifting & massage, and the rejuvenation properties of PDT (PhotoDynamic Therapy) to deliver immediate & ongoing results.

You will notice instantly tighter, plumper skin, while the Radio Frequency breaks down old and damaged Collagen to promote the fresh supply of new, supple, healthy collagen regrowth. A totally relaxing treatment that will send you to sleep!

The benefits of this advanced Skin treatment include:

  • Skin tightening of the chin, neck & face.
  • A non-invasive option to Fillers & Botox.
  • Treatment of puffy Eye-bags, crows feet and laughter lines.
  • An immediate younger more youthful skin. 
  • Continued results for apx 3-6 months after initial treatments.
  • Relaxing, promoting a feeling of wellbeing. 

RF Facial Treatments 

Radio frequency facial, skin tightening, anti-ageing

Amazing transformation...

I absolutely love the results we got with this lovely lady after a course of Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Facials. 

The picture shows the results after just 3.

Not only has the skin tightened and lifted revealing her jawline once more, but her skin tone has also improved and looks positively glowing taking years off!