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Pre & Post Treatment Advice for Advanced Facials

To get the best results from your Advanced Facial treatment please follow the below advice:


• Avoid direct sunlight, sunburn will contra-indicate your treatment.

• Do not remove facial hair 72 hrs before treatment, i.e, wax, threading or epilate (incl. chemical removal)

• No Botox within 3 months, No Fillers within 2 weeks.

• Stay hydrated; the more hydrated the skin, the better results.

• Stop exfoliation and Retinol use 48 hrs prior to treatment.

• Avoid strenuous exercise prior to treatment.

Post Treatment

• Avoid wearing make-up or touching your skin for apx 6 hours after treatment, keeping make-up and skincare to a basic minimum for 24 hours after that.

• Allow your skin to recover for 72 hours before considering further skin treatments or re-introducing active ingredients such as Retinol or Vitamin A, or any form of exfoliation.

• Avoid direct (intense sunlight, sunbeds) or indirect (saunas, hot baths/showers) heat for 24 hours after a treatment.

• Wear SPF Daily.

• Avoid swimming or excessive exercise for 24 hours.

• Drink plenty of water – This will help the toxins flush out now your Lymphatic System has been boosted by your treatment.

• Do not apply perfumed products directly to your skin.

For any further advice please do not hesitate to contact me.