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Pre & Post Advice for Lipo Inch Loss Treatment

For the best results please follow this advice

Pre-Treatment advice

2-3 days prior to treatment:

• Drink plenty of water (apx 1-2 litres a day).

• Eat a healthy diet & avoid processed foods. Do not binge eat.


On the day of treatment

• Be hydrated – drink 1 litre of water before session.

• Avoid caffeinated drinks (tea, coffee, cola)

• Do not drink carbonated drinks 3-4 hours before session.

• Do not have a heavy meal or eat 2 hours prior to session.

• Do not fast prior to your session. Not eating will make your body go into starvation mode and your session result will not be as significant.

Post Treatment advice – (Inch Loss will continue for 72 hrs if advice followed)

• Drink plenty of water after each treatment to help flush out toxins (fat).

• Exercise (ideally 30 mins) after treatment will increase Lymphatic activity to rid the body of toxins (fat).

• Avoid caffeine & fizzy drinks for apx 3-4 hrs after treatment.

• Do not eat for 1-hour post treatment.

• Follow a low fat and reduced carbohydrate diet, avoiding animal fats, butter & cheese.

• Avoid carbohydrates such as white bread, rice, pasta & desserts.

• Include protein in every meal along with plenty of fruit & vegetables.

• Skin brush daily prior to showering or bathing.

• Shower or bathe in warm (not hot) water.

• Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours after treatment.

Possible post treatment reactions

• Ringing in the ears - This is caused by the sound waves passing from the skeleton to the ear.

• Increase in the need to urinate - This is due to the extra water intake and the process of eradication of fat from the body.

• Increase of energy/restlessness - This is the body burning the excess fat that has now been released as energy. You can make use of this energy by doing some cardio exercise to raise your heart rate and improve the process of lipolysis (breaking down of the fats).

• Sensation of heat - This is caused by the energy produced from the fat cells as they break down. This will stop soon after treatment.

• Stinging on the surface of the skin - This happens when the nerve endings react with the cooling gel. This will not cause major discomfort and will cease after treatment.

• Redness on the surface of the skin – This is heat related and should vanish within 2 hours after treatment.

• Your circumference increases after treatment – This is temporary due to the trauma to the subcutaneous fat and should subside within 24 hours.

• The treatment can rarely cause mild bruising in some individuals.