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Invest in yourself, you're worth it

New Year, New Skin, New You

January 20, 2017

Over the past few months I have undertaken a ‘journey’ to invest in myself to become the best version of me that I can be – a challenge and a work in progress!

This involves working on my self care, self worth and self compassion to ultimately allow me to fully move on in my life and business to the best of my ability.

Over the years I have recognised, with the many hours spent chatting to my clients, that many of us struggle , to embrace and allow ourselves to have a happy and fulfilled life, guilt free. We put barriers up, make excuses, and blame others for our frustrations when actually we are the only ones that can make the changes we desire.

The journey starts with ourselves!

How many of us put everyone and everything else first? 

I know I did, I was always bottom of my list. However what we fail to understand is, that if we’re not allowing a bit of ‘me time’ to relax, compose, and just breathe, how do we expect to support the people around us in a way that we’re striving to do?

Self care is the starting point for becoming the best version of yourself, which in turn will bring the foundations and riches for all that you do.

Respect and acknowledge this for yourself and others will respect and acknowledge this also.

How good would that make you feel? Amazing huh!

I will be sharing with you my ‘journey’ and self care tips along the way, and look forward to you joining me on this journey. 

With all this in mind I would like to share with you the concept for the new skin treatments that I will be offering.

They will be so much more than ‘just a facial’

Healthy skin is more than what you see on the surface. Your lifestyle, mindset and self care play a big part in achieving the skin you want to be in. It is the largest organ of your body and requires hydration, nurturing and nourishing from inside and out.

Now ask yourself:

 ‘Am I happy with how my skin feels & looks’?

 ‘Do I allow myself the time to relax and invest in myself’?

 ‘Do I practise self care to rock out at my best self’?

My passion and purpose is to offer you support, advise and lifestyle tips to help you achieve your skin goals.

Using the Dermalogica skin care products, proven to deliver results, enables me to advance your home care routine and skin treatments in the salon to a level that will give you the results you desire.

Each appointment will be bespoke to you and your concerns. I will help you to understand skin health and how you can maintain the results outside of the salon.


I invite you to visit me in the salon for a skin Consultation allowing me to assess your skin and answer any questions you may have and we can start to plan your journey.

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SPF - Daylight protection NOT just Sun Protection!

March 27, 2017

The biggest misconception about SPF protection is that we only need it when the suns out - Wrong!

Even on cloudy or overcast days, UV light can strike skin and cause damage, so simply wearing sunscreen on sunny days isn’t enough.

Sun damage (also known as photodamage) Is the top cause of premature signs of skin ageing, it shows on skin in the form of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, and can lead to a repressed immune system and the potential for skin cancer.

Statistics show that one in six individuals will develop skin cancer, and 90% of these cancers are the direct result of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.

The first line of daily defence against sun damage is daily use of SPF. 

How much do I need?

You should use apx 1 teaspoon of SPF for the face, and about a shot glass for the body. 

How often should I apply?

Depending on your skin type you should re-apply regularly, about every 1-2 hours. A minimum of SPF30 is recommended for your face, but an SPF50 is ideal. It is a good idea to apply at least 30 minutes before going out in the sun to allow it to absorb into the skin for optimum protection. 

How else can I protect myself from UV rays?

Keeping out of direct sunlight is advisable. Also wearing a wide rimmed hat and sun glasses to help protect the delicate eye area.

Try to use a Broad spectrum sun cream which protects against both UVA (Ageing) & UVB (Burning) rays.

Why Dermalogica?

Research has found that antioxidant vitamins are as important as sunscreens when defending skin from the ageing and burning effects of damaging ultraviolet (UV) light and free radicals. For this reason, Dermalogica products feature UV Smart Booster Technology, a customized microcapsule that safeguards active vitamins, then bursts open upon contact with UV rays, releasing an active ingredient complex of Vitamin C and Vitamin E for maximum free radical protection.

UV Smart Booster Technology actively diffuses free radicals when protection against them is most needed. This powerful vitamin complex, when formulated with sunscreens, also provides enhanced protection against UV-induced damage without the need for higher concentrations of potentially-irritating sunscreen ingredients found in products with high Sun Protection Factors (SPF).

UV Smart Booster Technology and sophisticated sunscreen formulations with skin health benefits (think less chalky, less greasy) make SPF a convenient addition to every morning routine!

Contact me to find out what the best SPF protection would be for you. 

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Summer Skin Journey

May 15th, 2017

Throughout the summer months it’s important to concentrate on hydrating and protecting the skin from UVA and UVB rays. We can also work on preventing further pigmentation, reducing any that may already be there and sun damage in general.

I recommend that we stop the use of Retinol for now but will return to it later on in the year (so put it somewhere safe for now).

To help, here is a typical Homecare routine for the summer months:


· Precleanse/ prescribed cleanser

· Daily Superfoliant

· Toner

· Hydrating booster

· Stress + Eye masque

· Prescribed Eye cream (Pref. Total eye care SPF15)

· Phyto Replenish oil

· C12 serum

· Dynamic skin Recovery SPF50 or Pure Light SPF50


· Precleanse/ prescribed cleanser

· Hydrating booster

· Age Reversal Eye Cream/ Multivitamin power firm

· Multivitamin Power Serum

· Power Rich/ prescribed moisturiser

· Overnight Repair Serum

Additional weekly Skinsavers

· Daily Resurfacer pads

· Skin Hydrating Masque

· Multivitamin Masque

· Sport Protection SPF50

Monthly Bespoke Treatments

Within your regular skin treatments, I will also be focusing on hydration, preventing and treating sun damage plus pigmentation. This will be aided with the use of an ultrasonic and micro-current machine, penetrating the products deep into the skin for maximum skin results. Also, I will be adding (complimentary) the Stress + Eye Lift at the end of each treatment (worth £10).

For those of you on the Advanced skin treatments, I will be using the Ionactive system from now on, as the use of Retinol and BioSurface Peel is detrimental over the summer months, again we will return to these later on in the year.

This supports the skin to hydrate, repair and replenish, whilst energising, stimulating and regenerating skin renewal.

General Summer Skin Health Tips

It is advisable to protect your skin at all times throughout the summer. Wear large brimmed hats, sunglasses (to protect the delicate eye area) and avoid direct sunlight on your face wherever possible.

Use a Broad Spectrum sun cream (UVA & UVB protection) and ALWAYS reapply your sun cream regularly (ideally every 2 hours depending on skin type). An SPF50 is recommended for your face.

Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.

Wishing you a very happy, healthy Summer!

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Why Invest in a Skin Treatment?

May 23rd, 2017

To start with, do you know the difference between a facial and a skin treatment?

Traditionally facials were reserved for spa like environments and thought of as an indulgence.

A skin treatment is thought of now, we believe, as a necessity. An investment in your skin health.

At Dermalogica we are treating your skin for its specific needs and requirements. Each treatment is different depending on your skin that day. Completely bespoke to you. Not just the ‘one fits all’ approach that so many facials are.

So, what’s holding you back? Money, time, guilt?

Think about how much you spend on a gym membership, or clothing you may or may not need, or add up how much you spend on wine that falls into your trolley each month, and then ask yourself  ‘What would benefit me the most?’

Ok, so I know exercise is important, but do you really need to be spending money on a gym membership (and do you actually go?) when you can freely walk, run or cycle yourself fit? 

You want to look your best, right? So why not your skin too?

Do you really need to be spending £50 on yet another pair of shoes that you’ll wear once or twice?

After all, you wear your skin every day! All Day! All of your life! And on display for all to see!

And as for the wine…… I’ll say no more!

Obviously, it’s all about choice and priorities. You have the choice to invest in yourself and your skin health. You just have to prioritise what’s really important to you.

But please remember, it’s NOT self-indulgent to want great skin and a bit of time out.

You DON’T need to feel guilty about looking after yourself.

All I’m asking is, if you’re only thinking about the idea, take a moment and look at where you spend your time and money each month, and then ask yourself “Could I change something to allow me to invest in my skin health and selfcare?”

Skin treatments are the perfect accompaniment to your home skin regime. You will see faster results, and look and feel amazing.

I can promise you one thing, you won’t regret it!

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Targeting Hyperpigmentation with PowerBright TRx

July 17th, 2017

Brown spots, discolouration and uneven skin tone are all signs of Hyper-pigmentation, which can add up to 12 years to a persons perceived age.

What we see on the surface is only a small percentage of the damage that lies beneath. Left untreated, the latter rises to the surface as we age, becoming more visible to the naked eye.

Hyper-pigmentation has a number of contributing causes including UV rays, Hormones (& pregnancy), skin trauma such as Acne, Genetics, Stress and Chemicals also also play a role.

The Dermalogica PowerBright TRx system targets Hyper-pigmentation using powerful ingredients that control Melanin formation, exfoliate and help smooth the skin to enhance skin tone and eliminate dark spots.

This 3 step process is easy to incorporate into your current skin regime providing round the clock, 24 hour control and prevention of Hyper-pigmentation for your brightest, most even skin tone ever.

Using your current skin specific cleanser and toner you then would add:

C12 Serum - A potent brightening serum applied before moisturising day & night. Helps balance uneven skin tone and control Melanin formation.

Pure Light SPF50 - This advanced Broad Spectrum daytime moisturiser shields the skin from pigment-inducing UV light. It helps regulate Melanin production with powerful peptides whilst botanical extracts help balance uneven skin tone.

Pure Night - This nourishing overnight treatment cream hydrates, helps restore luminosity and maximises PowerBright TRx results. It helps control Melanin formation and hyper-pigmentation whilst you sleep with an active blend of peptides and brightening Vitamin C.

Treating years of damage takes time, think of the three P's - Patience, Persisitance & Prevention! Using a Broad Spectrum SPF regularly is critical for preventing new pigmentation forming.

Utilising Salon professional skin treatments will considerably enhance results alongside your home care regime. 

Treatments like the IonActive system and BioSurface Peel use powerful ingredients and technology to hep combat Hyper-pigmentation. A course of treatments is recommended for the best results.

If you would like advice on treating Hyper-pigmentation please feel free to contact me for a complimentary skin chat to discuss your specific needs. 

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Empty Nest Syndrome?

Sept 25th, 2017

Empty nest syndrome? The answer is ‘Self-care’.

If you’ve just packed your child off to Uni for the first time, or even if they’re returning to their second or third year, you’ll no doubt be feeling a little lost and empty.

When my twins started University last year, I didn’t really know what to do with myself. Suddenly, I found myself questioning who I was? What do I do with myself? What is my purpose now?

This is all typically part of the ‘Empty nest’ syndrome.

My advice to you would be to firstly allow yourself time to adjust and be kind to yourself.

Be proud - not sad. It’s ok to miss them and have a cry – I did for days! Then quite frankly, get a grip! Yes, sounds harsh but you must turn this into a positive for your own sanity! 

They'll be back before you know it, so make use of your newly found 'free time' and be happy and strong for when they return.

It’s now time for you.

Make a list of all the things you’ve been meaning to do. Take up yoga, treat yourself to a regular massage or a facial, read those books that have been piling up! And then do them, one at a time, at your own pace.

Most importantly practice self-care. You’ve been putting everyone else first for years. Invest some time and energy back into you. Ditch the feelings of guilt and remember your self-importance. Be the woman you used to be, before you were just 'Mum' (remember her?) 

If you’d like some help with this, I’d be more than happy to oblige. I’ve been there and felt it and still do. 

Come and see me for some well-deserved ‘you time’, allow me to bring some relaxation back into your life and start your journey of self-care by investing in the best skin regime you’ve ever had.

Your future starts with you. Be brave and carry on.

A friend of mine sent me this quote when my girls left home for the first time, it really gave me strength to be proud of their achievements and get on with my life.

“To raise a child, who is comfortable enough to leave you, means you’ve done your job. They are not ours to keep, but to teach how to soar on their own” – Author unknown.

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How does your Gut affect your mood?

April, 2020

Has the corona virus pandemic left you feeling anxious, worried or even depressed? Well you're not alone, thousands, if not millions are feeling the same. 

This uneasy feeling felt in your stomach is produced by 'stress response' hormones that are released. Also Insulin and adrenaline increase which in itself can raise your anxiety levels. These hormones can have a big impact on your mind-health and overall wellness.

This stress response comes from the enteric nervous system that resides in your digestive tract. What you eat can have a BIG impact on this entire system and so can stress. 

The Gut-Brain axis is a complex system involving hormones, nerves, body fluid, your Immune System & more. 

Here's an interesting fact:

90% of communication goes from your Gut - Brain, 

only 10% from the brain - Gut!

Scientific research is now looking into how imbalances & irritations in your gut & Microbiome affect not only your brain but your overall health.

Your gut holds around 100 trillion bacteria, good & bad. When imbalanced (due to poor diet, medication, stress, toxins etc) it can throw more than your gut out of whack!

Your mood can be heavily influenced by your gut health which produces major 'feel good' hormones like Serotonin and Dopamine. There are known links between gut issues & autism, as-well as anxiety, depression and IBS to name a few.

So what can you do about it?

  • Look after your gut
  • Cut back/eliminate on sugar - It feeds the bad bacteria and can lead to Dysbosis/leaky gut (unfortunately this includes alcohol!)
  • Eat plenty of fibre & fermented foods
  • Supplement pre & probiotics to replace the good bacteria in the gut and help create an environment in which they will thrive.
  • Take regular exercise and 'time out' to de-stress.
  • Get plenty of sleep - our bodies repair & heal overnight. 

If you are concerned about your gut health or feeling down or out of sorts, please feel free to get in touch for a free online consultation or take our Lifestyle analysis quiz to help pinpoint your triggers. 

Now is the perfect time to concentrate on 'yourself', stay strong & healthy, and boost your Immune system as well as your mood! x

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7 Signs of a Leaky Gut

June, 2020

As more of us are affected by modern living - poor diets, stress, toxic overload, and bacterial imbalance, it appears that Leaky Gut has reached dramatic levels. 

Also known as 'Intestinal Permeability' Leaky Gut has been considered for over 100 years as a contributory factor to ill health. 

Simply put this condition is caused by the lining of the gut being compromised or damaged, allowing toxins to enter the body via the bloodstream. This can also dramatically affect our immune system as the majority of that is found in the gut. 

This results in inflammation and sometimes autoimmune reactions. 

***Inflammation is the cause of most disease***

7 signs of a Leaky Gut are:

  1. Food Sensitivity - Dairy & Gluten intolerance amongst other food intolerances can cause symptoms like bloating, wind, headaches, & joint pain. 
  2. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS) - can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, & gut discomfort.
  3. Auto Immune Disease - Rheumatoid arthritis, MS, Psoriasis, Lupus and Hashimoto disease are all examples of this.
  4. Thyroid problems - Such as Hashimoto disease cam cause fatigue, weight gain, depression and an impaired metabolism.
  5. Nutrient malabsorption - A deficiency in absorbing vital vitamins & nutrients.
  6. Inflammatory Skin conditions - Like Acne, Psoriasis and eczema can all be caused by Leaky Gut.
  7. Mood issues and Autism - an inflammatory response to Leaky Gut releases chemicals into the body that are thought to induce depression. A study published in the 'Nutrition Neuroscience' journal described findings from a number of studies that Autism may be connected to problems with gut health and the microbiome and it's now a common hypothesis in modern science that Leaky Gut is strongly related to Autism. (*reference
The good news is that you can fix it. Remove toxins form your diet, repair the gut wall, and balance your gut bacteria with Synergy's natural, organic food supplements.
I for one have definitely found that since addressing my gut issues by doing the gut cleanse and by regularly taking reputable food supplements, I now have significantly less symptoms and feel healthier than ever before. Not bad as I venture into my 50's!

I'm here and happy to help if you'd like further information on how you can too. 

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The New Normal

July, 2020

The New Normal - Covid update.

So it seems as though life is getting back to some sort of normal which is fantastic news - providing we all play nicely!

It would be catastrophic for the virus to spike again because we’ve forgotten the safe way to go about our lives as we now know it.

I’m getting ready to welcome my first clients on Saturday 18th July and thought I’d let you know what to expect from now on to enable us all to remain as safe as possible and hopefully put your mind at rest.

Treatments are restricted by the Government at present which means I can’t perform Facial treatments of any sort, ie, eyebrow, lash, facial waxing or skin treatments. Everything else is a thumbs up!

Prior to your visit you will receive a text asking a few necessary health questions. Please, if you or anyone in your household/bubble are feeling or have been feeling at all unwell in any way reschedule your appointment.

The salon & toilet facilities will be cleaned thoroughly before and after each client visit as usual. Blankets/towels on the couch will now be kept to a minimum to avoid any cross contamination.

On arrival - Please refrain from arriving early as I will need time to clean between clients, if you do though please wait in the car and I will come and get you. I will remotely take your temperature on the doorstep, purely precautionary. And remember no hugs or kisses anymore :(

You are free to bring and wear your own mask if you would like to, but I will be wearing a face visor and mask and therefore it is not necessary for you to do so (as per government guidelines). You will be asked to wash your hands on arrival (if we’re doing nails) and apply hand sanitiser which will be provided. Tissues will be on-hand to catch any coughs or sneezes!

During your treatment I will be wearing PPE in the form of gloves, mask, visor and disposable apron which will be fresh for each client. Please visit on your own so as to maintain as much social distancing as possible. Treatment times will be kept to a minimum (as per Gov. Guidelines).

I’m excited to see you all again and I’m sure we’ll soon get used to all this as the New Normal!